Writing Web Content? A Copywriter Offers Her Top Three Tips

SO, YOU’VE PAID heaps for brilliant Vernon website designers and developers to build you a beautiful site. And now they’re asking if you have a copywriter who’ll provide the content.

“The content?” you ask.

“Yeah. You know, the stuff that goes on your pages,” says the designer. She waits a moment to see if you’re following. Silence. She pipes up. “The words that explain everything. They go around the pictures.”

“Oh,” you say.

The designer then points you to some sites with great website copywriting, or content, for you to check out. And as you peruse the pages of other Kelowna websites, you think, Ah, I get it.  But do you?

A copywriter can provide website content that's clear, you-focused and uses SEO in a subtle way, like this text we wrote for Adiri.
A copywriter can provide website content that’s clear, you-focused and uses SEO in a subtle way, like this text we wrote for Adiri.

While it’s easy to spot great web copywriting, sometimes it can be hard to spell out exactly what makes it great. Great actually means engaging, easy to read, clear, convincing, succinct and full of benefits (not features) that make site visitors think, Wow, I want that, instead of, What? and then click back to the Google search page to see your competitor’s site.

So, our team of BC web copywriters has come up with a brief list of what makes website content good so you can boost site traffic and sales.

How do you write website content that sells? 

1.      It’s about the customer

Before you write a word, re-wire your brain so you’re in the mindset of your customer, not you, the business owner. All of your website content should consider the perspective of your site visitor. Think: Why are my products or services going to make your life better?

It’s also important to convey the benefits rather than the features in a concrete way so your customers clearly understand how product X or service Y will make their lives better.

Instead of:       This commercial development is in a super location.

Write:              In the heart of this city’s largest industrial park, you’re right next to your customers, suppliers and the highway to make doing business easy.

2.      It’s short and sweet

People don’t like reading online, and it doesn’t take much for text to be too dense and overwhelming to the eyes. A website page should really have a few paragraphs of text at the very most.

Think of your website as an introduction to your product or service, not the whole story. You want customers to call, email or visit you for more information so you can really win them over. Website copywriting, then, should focus on the highlights.

Introduce your product or service and then use bullet points to help you think of the top three advantages of a product or service.

3.      It employs SEO, but sparingly

Don’t slap your readers in the face with keywords such as ‘furniture Kelowna,’ ‘Kelowna furniture,’ ‘furniture in Kelowna,’ etc. You’ll peeve readers and Google, and your keyword-dropping could backfire.

If you know what your keywords are, fabulous. You’re already ahead of many small business owners. The trick now is to use them in a natural, subtle way and never at more than a 1 per cent ratio (one keyword for every 300 words of copy is about right). Anything more looks too obvious and it’ll turn off customers.

The place to use your keywords a little more aggressively is in your blog posts. You can think of your website as the hot little hostess in a black dress, and your blog as the sweaty chef in the back doing all the hard work.

Want to learn more about the benefits of stellar site content? Check out our post Site content is your real sales team.

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