Vernon businesses making a mark with their marketing savvy

(Credit: Morten Byskov) Vernon BC is home to a bustling downtown and dozens of entrepreneurs and organizations succeeding on the heels of social networking.


THEY SAY IT TAKES a while for technology and trends to catch on in small towns. Here in Vernon, BC, however, small business owners and staff at non-profit organizations aren’t just using the latest social media tools, they’re mastering them.

The return?

A boost to sales and site traffic. More hits, links and leads. The list goes on…It isn’t easy for entrepreneurs to spend time posting blogs, filming YouTube videos, Tweets each morning and pasting photos on Facebook. But there’s a payoff. A big payoff.

Here is a list of some of the Vernon businesses we admire for their marketing savvy (and none of them are even clients!):

1. Healthy Spot Pet Nutrition. Healthy Spot tops the list with their winning website — filled with features like a dog park map, lost and found pet posts, pet of the week pics and animal fundraising links. They’re all innovative ways to engage the customer and build a community. Healthy Spot also sends out e-newsletters with specials and Tweets with deals. The most impressive part? All of it really feels less like self-serving gimmicks and more like a genuine effort help your pets be healthy and happy.

2. Briteland. This home and garden product warehouse in the heart of downtown Vernon is doing it all: regular blogs, instructional videos on YouTube, Facebook updates, even Tweets about how to be kind to our feathered friends. We especially like their blog–short and sweet, filled with images and helpful tips.

3. The North Okanagan Hospice House Society. Their site is as lovely as it is user-friendly, with links to donate online and updates about fundraisers. The NOHS Facebook page keeps the community and hospice families aware of upcoming events and material to plan for end-of-life care.

4. Predator Ridge. Their ads in Morning Star are always eye-catching and often witty. They Tweet about golf specials and tournament winners. They host contests such as this summer’s best Okanagan fruit recipe. Predator Ridge is always building its brand and reputation with Vernonites through engaging marketing tools.

5. Jessica Nicole Studio. On Facebook, 25th Ave salon owner Jessica puts up posts about client’s questions, hairstyle trends, discounts, and before and after photos. Her site is like visiting the salon all over again!

Do you own a business or run an organization in Vernon, BC, and you’d like to take advantage of some of these marketing tools, but you don’t have the time? Read Head Copywriting can help you connect with customers or donors. Contact us at [email protected] to find out how we can help you boost site traffic and sales. 

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