Website content is your real sales team

SOME COPYWRITERS SAY design and technology – blinking pictures and rotating ads – should take a backseat to website content. I don’t agree.

An attractive website is key. Visitors see a site that’s professional-looking and easy to navigate, and they think, “OK. This business is legit.”

But the content—the words, the information—is just as important.


Because people visit websites to get information, not see how your drop-down menu works or your fancy stock photos. They want to research, shop, communicate and interact.

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Strong website content, coupled with stunning web design, helps engage your readers and keeps them interested in the products, services and information you’re providing.

As copywriter Kevin Nunley explains, website content needs to be a priority.

“Good content is crucial to any web site’s marketing, search engine results, ROI, credibility, and usability. Current studies show that site visitors base the credibility of websites on content: information focus, information usefulness, information accuracy, information bias, writing tone, information clarity and readability.”

Still think the writing on your website doesn’t matter? Check your Google Analytics. Let’s say you get a lot of traffic. Even thousands of hits a day. Yay. You’re winning, right?


Check to see how long people are staying on your site, if they’re moving on to other pages or ‘bouncing’ almost before they’ve landed there.

People will land on a pretty page, but they won’t stay there.

“…Think  of what will make visitors want to explore your site, not just give it a quick glance. Offer content that will make them come back again and again, such as articles, tips, news, forums, recipes, contests, giveaways, advice, special offers and discounts, etc,” says Nunley.

When great design and engaging website content communicate the same message, readers say, “Wow!” instead of, “What?” And they read, click to the next page, take a few notes, and maybe even bookmark your site.

When they visit next time and see you have even more new, original and reliable content, they’ll probably become visitors and customers or clients for a long, long while.

So, when you’re about to design or update a website for your business, think about what you want to say as well as how you want it to look. And if writing isn’t your strong suit, invest in a professional the same way you would a web guy. Because an attractive website is just the start; your real sales team is the text.

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