-Courtesy Sproing Creative

With website content that was direct and convincing, I helped Mormak Aggregate Equipment capture the enormity of what they do–build and sell some of the world’s most reliable rock-crushing plants.

The Mormak website was almost as massive as their plants–nearly 30 pages in all–and each one needed to capture founder Bob Mohr’s mission as well as speak the language of the industry in a clear and compelling way. It also required a good deal of technical writing, understanding the features of all these parts and how they help improve efficiencies at quarries and mines.

There were other challenges too:

1) The company was going through a handful of transitions, and we all needed a clear path, mission and vision to move forward with and help them achieve their goals.

2) Mormak wanted to maintain its rugged image and direct way of communicating to appeal to lifelong customers, but they also wanted to attract the next generation of tech-savvy mine operators.

So, we married the website features of 2015 that make ordering parts and requesting repairs easy with the tough, service-minded that was born in the 70’s.

Led by Sproing Creative, I contributed to this project with:

  • A content strategy
  • Website content 
  • Blogging

Along with some stunning photography and great design work, Mormak now has one hell of a website. In fact, Thor (one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aggregate equipment) called. They told a Mormak rep, “Your new site is awesome.”