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Cleanse Wellness

Website content Cleanse Wellness

What is live blood analysis? That was the question I had to answer in the website content for Cleanse Wellness. It wasn’t easy. Live blood analysis is a new (to us) holistic service, and describing it in a clear way meant understanding and explaining our body’s most basic and complicated tools–our blood. Enter the infographic below, and the brilliant design and development work of Sproing Creative.

Every website needs clear and compelling content, but in this case, you can see how strong copy could either make or break a visitor’s experience and their likelihood of booking an appointment. Thankfully, the owners trusted us with a ‘more is more’ approach, and the designer was able to let the pages still feel light and airy. It’s exhilarating when the visuals and the text unite to convey and amplify the same message.

Website content Cleanse infographic