Wingmans, Muses and Money: Why Your Business Should Be Blogging




Blog. Like a lot of small business owners, blogging has probably been on your to-do list for a while, but because you’re busy helping customers, training staff, filling orders and maybe even managing to eat lunch here and there, you haven’t been able to get around to it.

Well, now is the time. If you want to access the most inexpensive and effective marketing tool out there, you need to start a blog for your business.

When your business has a blog, you:

Make money. Leads from blogs and other inbound marketing tools (Twitter, Search Engine Optimization, etc.) are five times more likely to become customers than outbound (direct mail and newspaper ad) leads1.

Make more money. Blogs are cheap. You can spend as little as $0 a year to host a blog through sites like WordPress and Blogger. Even if you hire a professional copywriter to write posts that are convincing, clear and include keywords, you’re still getting an incredible return on your investment.

Consider this:

Newspaper ads                                                   Blogs

Cost $100-$1,000                                                Cost $0-$50
Run once                                                                   Run forever; viewed thousands of times
Generate a handful (?) of customers              Generate thousands of customers who are positioned to buy

Create a community (and make more money). By blogging about your new products, services or industry trends and events, clients and customers will return to your blog/website to find out what’s new. These are your loyal customers who will comment on posts and find camaraderie in their shared interests. Think of your blog as the local pub: It’s where people meet and purchases start.

• Increase your search engine rankings (and make more money). Google likes sites with quality content updated regularly. The best way to do that is with blog posts which include keywords your customers use to find you. They search for what you’re selling and find you. Google, seeing that you also have new and valuable content, decides to push your site up, and up, and up. The view from the top is pretty nice. Customers find you before your competition, and, guess what? You make more money.

Think of your business’s blog as a wingman for your website

Think of your business’s blog as a wingman for your website. The blog does all the dirty work: finds and keeps customers and increase traffic to your site. Then, customers are just a click away from your attractive and user-friendly website, where the real transactions take place.

Look out for my next post on what inbound marketing really means, and how you can take advantage of it to….make money!

If your business has a blog, what have you enjoyed most about its benefits?

If you’re interested in how a blog can help your business, but you’re worried about all that writing, every week, stop praying for a muse and hire a professional copywriter. To find out how Read Head Copywriting can help, call 250-540-3041 today or visit

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