Tips from Editors Turned Copywriters: How to Get in the Business Section

press releases business publicity man reading paper
You’ll have a better shot at landing publicity in the business section with a strong press release written by copywriters and a strong angle.


SO YOU’VE GOT a big grand opening planned for your new business. You’ve even coaxed the mayor to be there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony by hiring the town’s best local caterer to whip up some of those tasty satay chicken skewers she likes so much. With all of the effort you’ve put into this shindig, your next step is to work with copywriters to get some coverage in your community newspaper’s business section.

By hiring a professional copywriter to handle your press release, you can be sure it’ll be written in a clear, engaging manner and that it contains an interesting angle.

Of course, you could attempt to craft the press release yourself, or you could phone a random reporter at the paper and wing it, but that doesn’t always go over so well.

Well, you might be able to bulldoze and/or sweet-talk your way into getting your message in print, but like most of us, time-pressed reporters are usually willing to meet people halfway. If it’s in the budget, hiring copywriters to create a well-constructed press release detailing the event, product or service you want highlighted is a sound investment. If it’s not in the budget or you’re more of a DIY kind of entrepreneur, increase your chances of getting publicity with something editors call ‘the hook.’

Here are three newsworthy situations and/or events that might get you some ink in the business section:

1. New business/grand opening – Many business editors, particularly in smaller communities, are happy to help out new businesses with an article introducing what they are about. At the very least, you could expect the 5Ws—who, what, when, where, why—about your fledgling company.

2. Unique product or service – If you’re the first company in your area to offer or utilize some cutting-edge technology in your manufacturing operation, you might be on to something. A professional copywriter can help you find an intriguing angle that will grab the attention of both business editors and readers.

3. Charity work– If your business actively supports a charity or non-profit organization, or raises significant amounts of money for one, it could earn you recognition in a newspaper.

How effective is the business section as a vehicle to promote your company? Think about how many people read your community paper. Think about how much a press release costs (compared to an add — advertising costs money, editorial content is free). Sounds like a lot of readers finding out about what you’re selling for not a lot of money.

The question then becomes: If you own a small business, do you have a story worthy of being put in print?

Learn about another way of promoting your company in our post: What is Brand Journalism? BC Copywriters Explain.

Looking for copywriters who can present your business story to the local media with a well-written press release? At Read Head Copywriting, our team of copywriters specialize in writing press releases as well as website content, blogs and more to boost your company’s brand awareness.

By Graeme Corbett, Read Head Copywriting

 -photo by Thong Vo, 

3 Myths About SEO Marketing

YOU KNOW WHAT it stands for. You know that if you want your website to stand out and do its job, you have to employ it. But you just don’t get it. SEO. SEO. SEO. The more you say it, the more alien it sounds. SEO marketing is one of the most misunderstood aspects of running a successful business, a distant planet, if you will, located somewhere in the Google universe, with a language, purpose and people all its own.

As with anything unknown, there are myths about SEO. As a small business owner, if you can break through some of these and start speaking SEO, you’ll be telling the shop cat, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kelowna anymore. We’re in the land of Google.” And that’s when your website climbs the search rank ladder. Site traffic soars. And leads becomes sales.

Here are the top three myths about SEO marketing:

1. All text and no action

Let your SEO do the heavy lifting to boost site traffic and search rankings, but make your SEO team even stronger with videos and images. Show people doing things.
Let your SEO do the heavy lifting to boost site traffic and search rankings, but make your SEO marketing team even stronger with videos and images. Show people doing things.


For a while there, SEO meant spraying target keywords (ie Kelowna pizza) all over the site. Today, many business owners know that that’s not only hard on the intelligent mind, it peeves Google and can backfire, quickly.

You see, Google sends an army of spiders out to our websites to see what they’re about, how good the content is, and if people are consuming it. But the spiders don’t just eat text. They eat photos with SEO captions, and YouTube videos, too. Give your site visitors more than just clear and convincing SEO copywriting, appeal to their senses with other mediums—photos and videos—and the spiders will reward you.

Multi-media content is also good for those humans, many of whom learn visually and rather like watching other humans doing things.

2. It’s all about quantity, quantity, quantity

Content factories make a lot of content, but not a lot of good content. SEO marketing gets results when the focus is on quality as well as quantity.
Content factories make a lot of content, but not a lot of good content. SEO marketing gets results when the focus is on quality as well as quantity.


Content factories are probably almost as common in India now as sweatshop clothing factories, and many in the western world are only too happy to buy. Because the goal is to pump out blog posts like an assembly line, right? No matter if the text barely qualifies as English?


Even if you’re using engaging and easy to read SEO marketing copy written by a native English speaker, or even, heck, a professional copywriter, the goal isn’t just to write a lot of stuff. It’s to write a lot of good stuff—stuff that’s relevant and interesting and original and relatable—regularly.

A point I often make to drive home this idea is this: There is no SEO without a story. Are you going to read and share the ingredients list on a Cheerios box, or a blog post about a drycleaner who hires people with disabilities?

3. You can just SEO your site and be done with it

SEO marketing store
Think of SEO marketing as another weekly maintenance item, like washing windows.


As an SEO copywriter that works with a lot of small business owners, I often hear this question: “Can’t you just SEO my site and forget about it?”

Nope. It doesn’t work that way.

Yes, the content on your static website pages can be optimized for search engines, and, save for a few updates, those pages can be left alone. But among the 200 factors Google uses to determine a site’s search rankings is the frequency high quality content is published. So, SEO is something you have to work at a little bit all the time, just like fingerprints on the door and keeping books.

Now that you understand SEO a little better, let’s talk about language that’s clear and convincing. Read our post Writing Website Content? A Kelowna Copywriter’s Top 3 Tips.

Are you looking for SEO marketing content that combines the science of SEO with the art of storytelling so you can impress Google and humans? The BC copywriters at Read Head Copywriting offer a range of copywriting services, including website content, press releases, profiles, articles, scripts and blogs.

5 ‘Dad-isms’ You Should Apply to Your Content Strategy


As the Cleaver family patriarch, Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont) offered the kind of common sense sage advice ('dad-isms') you should apply to your content strategy for optimum results.
As the Cleaver family patriarch, Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont) offered the kind of common sense sage advice (‘dad-isms’) you should apply to your content strategy for optimum results.

WITH FATHER’S DAY just behind us, you might have had a chance to reminisce about all the things your dad used to say, such as “I’m not made of money, you know.” It got us thinking: A surprising number of ‘dad-isms’ should really be applied to your content strategy and even your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Why? Because, even though you didn’t want to admit it growing up, the things dads say make a lot of sense (save for #4).

Whether you’re just starting out, just starting to venture into the world social media, or you need to rejuvenate your approach, here are the top 5 ‘dad-isms’ that’ll help you create a winning content strategy.

1. ‘If you’re not early, you’re late.’

This is a tricky one. In the social media universe, news travels pretty fast, so you can’t often be early for breaking news in your industry, but you can be on time.

For example, we write website content and handle social media for a baby bottle maker. When Halle Berry appeared on Ellen and imitated her infant son breastfeeding like a vacuum, we embedded the video on the bottle maker’s Facebook page soon after the episode aired and headlines made Twitter. If we’d waited a day or two to post the video, it would have been old news.

Now, instead of being late with something ‘trending,’ give your viewers something more—some insight, analysis or a new spin on the topic. In the example above, we might have asked followers why it’s important to have celebrities publicly support breastfeeding, or post photos of celebs nursing their bambinos. Good stories have legs.

2. ‘People will treat your vehicle the way you do.’

Growing up, your dad might have huffed and cursed at the state of your vehicle: fast food wrappers, rotting apples, cigarette ashes, dust on the dashboard, cleats and coffee cups on the mats. Before you had an appointment for a tune-up, he probably insisted you clean it so the guys at the shop would respect your vehicle.

Well, think of your online presence—your website, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile—as your vehicle. Instead of scattered, intermittent updates with broken links and missing images, offer potential customers a glimpse of the professional, organized you.

When they see how you take care of your own site, they know you’ll be able to take good care of them.

3. ‘If you’re going to do it at all, you better do it right.’

This is a natural follow-up to #2. If you’re going to do a website, make it great. Make it look and feel like you and your unique business, like you care about its success and you’re going to invest in it.

If you’re going to leap into Facebook, make sure you have the time, commitment and content strategy in place to do it well and regularly. If you’re going to Tweet, for Pete’s sake, use hash tags!

4. ‘I’m not lost, I just don’t know where we are.’

This is how so many small business owners feel in the beginning when it comes to social media and a content strategy. Maybe you’ve got a site but no blog. Or you you’ve got a blog but you don’t know what your keywords are.  You’ve got a Facebook account but no profile image, and no posts.

The fact is, when it comes to your social media strategy, your business can’t afford for you to be lost. Lost means losing customers. When your content strategy and your SEO give you direction as well as draw in customers, you’re setting your business up for success.

So, if you don’t know where you are, ask for help.

When it comes to your social media strategy, your business can’t afford for you to be lost. Lost means losing customers.

5. ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees.’

So, you’ve just received your business license, your business cards are on the way and you’re even contemplating one of those magnetic signs for your car. Next stop, Google Adwords, right?

Before you blow your budget trying to get the top spot for your keyword, do your research and/or get help from professionals. Robert Dawson, owner of Top Search Result, wrote an eBook titled Seven Google Secrets: How Your Company Can Click with Google and Cash In.

What’s secret No. 1? Think before you bid on the top spot in paid search results. Can’t you just see your dad smiling? Frugality pays.

What are some ‘dad-isms’ from your childhood? How could you apply them to your content strategy?

When you want to get in the driver’s seat and see results from social media, have Kelowna copywriters help you create a winning content strategy. Contact Read Head Copywriting for your consultation. 

What is Brand Journalism? A Copywriter Explains

BC Copywriter on brand journalism

YOUR BUSINESS HAS a story. Dozens of stories, in fact, that your customers want to hear. In the past, brands had to rely on press releases and journalists to tell their stories. Not anymore.

Yes, you have all those social media channels to communicate with your customers screen to screen, but your business has another, even more valuable tool: brand journalism.

What is brand journalism?

It’s one of those buzzwords that marketing strategists are trying to work out, but many are struggling because brand journalism is the opposite of selling. Brand journalism is telling–telling an engaging story.

Before I began my career as a copywriter, I worked as a journalist at newspapers in BC and across Alberta. Every so often, a special publication would come out—Summer fun! or Wheels—in which we reporters wrote what we called ‘advertorials’ about businesses with related services. They looked like articles. They told stories. In fact, they were ads.

Advertorials are perhaps the first generation in the brand journalism family. Today, brand journalism gives copywriters the same publishing tools reporters have to tell compelling stories.

A few years ago, Forbes launched what has become BrandVoice, a service offering a home to paid-for editorial space in the magazine and its digital version, next to relevant articles. For example, in a profile about two star investors in the investment section, an investment fund places their own piece about a new investment strategy. For brands and readers, as they say, it’s a win-win.

A BC Copywriter can write engaging stories about your brand and use the same mediums as traditional journalism, as in this Forbes magazine BrandVoice placement. Photo credit BrandVoice.
A BC Copywriter can write engaging stories about your brand and use the same mediums as traditional journalism, as in this Forbes magazine BrandVoice placement. Photo credit BrandVoice.

If your business doesn’t have $600 K to commit to Forbes, fret not. Your local daily and even your own website and blog are just two other, cheaper mediums through which you can practise brand journalism.

How do you ‘do’ brand journalism?

1. Think ‘water cooler’ talk

Brand journalism isn’t about featuring a product or bragging about your accomplishments. It isn’t sales. It’s storytelling.

As writer Gini Dietrich states, “Brand journalism isn’t content marketing, nor is it sponsored content. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It is meaningful, quality storytelling. Push the marketer inside your brain aside, and let the stories do the work.”

In this article about Sproing Creative's new video services, rather than submit a press release, we told a story
In this article about Sproing Creative’s new video services, rather than submit a press release, we told a story.

What are people talking about at the water cooler? Here’s an example: Someone from your tire dealer rescued an old woman with a flat tire on the side of the road. Or, a dentist befriends a nearly toothless five-year-old on a dental mission in South America. There’s some news value there because someone is doing something interesting. Who is doing something cool at your organization?

2. Find a good writer

So, you’ve found the story you want to tell. Now you need to tell it well. A copywriter understands how to tell your story in an engaging way that will make your audience want to read right through to the end. This is a narrative, not an email, and it’s worth investing in the help of a professional copywriter to do it right.

 “I’m convinced that those with the traditional skills of marketing, public relations, and copywriting are not the right people to create brand journalism content. Instead you need the skills of a journalist.” — David Meerman Scott qtd. in Ostrikoff

In her Globe and Mail article Farewell ‘Push’ Marketing, Hello Brand Journalism, Lisa Ostrikoff cites The New Rules of Marketing & PR author David Meerman Scott, who says,  “I’m convinced that those with the traditional skills of marketing, public relations, and copywriting are not the right people to create brand journalism content. Instead you need the skills of a journalist.”

What if you had a journalist-turned-copywriter on your side? Journalist and copywriter Natalie Appleton can write compelling stories for your business so you can make meaningful connections with your customers. Contact Read Head Copywriting for a quote.

Photo courtesy gratisography.

5 Reasons to Find and Fall in Love with a Professional Blogger

Helping to boost your site traffic is just one of the reasons you’ll want to find and fall in love with a professional blogger in BC. – Image courtesy Gratisography.

YOU’VE GOT AN ACCOUNTANT, a lawyer, a handyman, a wizard of an assistant and maybe even a special barista, all helping make your business tick. Does it still feel like there’s someone missing? Someone who could be helping you boost site traffic and sales? This spring, do your bottom line a favour and find a professional blogger

Professional bloggers write articles for your website about topics that interest your customers. These posts aren’t just original, engaging and well written, they’re also optimized for search engines. Our copywriters like to say our posts are loved by both humans and Google.

In BC, bloggers are fast becoming the secret weapon of successful small business owners, determined to boost search engine rankings and stay on top of the competition without lifting a finger. Really? They can do that? Yes, and more.

Five reasons to find and fall in love with your own professional blogger today:

1) Professionally written blog posts make you look smart. 

A professional blogger is a professional writer. She knows how to write fresh copy that’s compelling as well as grammatically correct. When a new visitor to your site lands on your blog and discovers posts that are engaging, easy to read and all-around slick, they’re going to stick around for while, and probably become a customer.

2) Bloggers understand SEO and how to boost your site traffic and search engine rankings.

This is pretty important stuff. When your blog incorporates SEO, your content is findable. That means customers land on your site instead of the other guy’s.

A professional blogger also knows how to use SEO without sacrificing quality. Your content uses keywords, but in a subtle, natural way. We like to say we blend the art of storytelling with the science of SEO.

3). Google rewards sites with strong content

Having a fancy site is a great start. To really woo Google, though, you’ll need to fill that website with original, regularly updated content Google deems valuable to searchers.

The most effective way to get to the holy grail of Google’s page one is with a well-maintained and well-written blog. If you’re a small business owner, you may have time to do one, but not the other. A professional blogger, however, does both so you can reap the rewards without lifting a finger.

4.) The return on your investment is amazing

“When done well, content marketing costs 62 per cent less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads.”

How much does it cost to run an ad in  your local newspaper? Probably somewhere between $100 and $1,000 depending on the size and colour.

When customers read it, can they click on it to get right to your site, and purchase the products or services you’re selling? No. How long does it last? Maybe 18 hours.

According to a recent Globe and Mail article, “When done well, content marketing costs 62 per cent less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads.”

Blog posts written by a professional blogger work like magnets to attract the very people who want what you’re selling in the medium they’re actually using (the Internet). Customers are in a position to buy that instant and the blog post works for you forever!

5.) They let you focus on tasks you enjoy

Yes, you’ll boost your site traffic and your search engine rankings and valuable credibility with your target market. Even more, hiring a blogger lets you get out of writing. You save time and you make more money. It just makes sense.

Blogging is both an art and a science. It combines creativity, marketing know-how and a few years in Google school. If you want to enjoy all the powerful benefits of a well-read blog, find the blogger of your dreams today.

Are you considering ways to make your website stand out from the crowd as well? Check out our post Writing Web Content: A Copywriter’s Top Three Tips.

When you’re looking for ways to help boost site traffic and sales without lifting a finger, hire professional blogger and Read Head Copywriting principal Natalie Appleton. Serving businesses across North America.


Read Heads Have More Fun: Vernon Writer Hosts Photo Contest to Promote Literacy

Vernon writer Natalie Appleton reads Marshall Plays Hockey to her son. Parents and preschoolers across Vernon will be submitting similar photos for the Are You a Read Head? contest
Vernon writer Natalie Appleton reads Marshall Plays Hockey to her son. Parents and preschoolers across Vernon will be submitting similar photos for the Are You a Read Head? contest

My son’s body curls into mine as we tuck into yet another reading of his favourite book, Goodnight Goodnight, Construction Site. Somewhere near the excavator’s debut, I think, I have an idea: How can I, as a Vernon writer, host a contest that would support a local writer, and give parents and preschoolers another chance to read together?

Then I thought about the name of my business, Read Head Copywriting (pronounced redhead, as I am). Ah-ha…Little ones are read heads too.

readhead_logo1_areyou-jan2014 (2) copy

And so the Are You a Read Head? Photo Contest was born. I’m proud to announce the contest is open, and I’ll be giving away eight copies of Marshall Plays Hockey to four lucky preschoolers and their nearest Vernon Strong Start.

Marshall Plays Hockey, the story of a moose who convinces his forest friends he can skate and shoot pucks, was written by my friend, Lisa Vandervelde. Supporting a local author (one me and my son are both fans of) is just one of the cool outcomes of this contest. Another is the timing.

The inaugural Are You a Read Head? Photo Contest is also a great way to celebrate Family Literacy Day Jan. 27, and take on its ’15 Minutes of Fun’ challenge. What better way to spend 15 minutes encouraging literacy with a little one, than by taking a photo of you and your preschooler reading  to enter a contest where you can win a free book by a local author???

Your family has the chance to add Marshall Plays Hockey to your home library when you send a photo of a family member reading with your preschooler and tell us if you live closest to Okanagan Landing, Mission Hill, Harwood or Alexis Park so we know which Strong Start program is nearest to you.

In addition to supporting a local author AND celebrating Family Literacy Day, the contest is ALSO supporting Strong Start BC, a program where preschoolers can play and learn at local schools.

“Anything that encourages our families to read is a wonderful thing,” says Chris McMorran, facilitator of the Strong Start program at Mission Hill School. “And our families certainly appreciate the opportunity to get a free book.”

Simply email your photo by Feb. 4 to [email protected] or use the hashtag #readheadcontest on Twitter or Instagram. Winners will be drawn and announced on the Read Head Copywriting Facebook page Feb. 7, as the Sochi 2014 Olympics kick off.

marshall“One of the reasons I wrote this book was because my son loves reading and hockey, but there weren’t many stories about hockey for preschoolers,” said Lisa, a Vernon writer and Morning Star photographer who published Marshall Plays Hockey last winter. It has a lovely message about perserverence, and it’s set in the snow.

“With winter sports and hockey on everyone’s minds as we head into the Olympics, this is a cool way for youngsters to get in the spirit.”

I’m really, really looking forward to seeing all of your submissions. If you’re thinking about entering, here are a few things to note:

– Contest is open to preschoolers only.

– By submitting a photo, you agree to print and online publication, including on Facebook.

-One winner from each of the four Vernon Strong Start areas will be drawn Feb. 7 and announced on Facebook. Winners will be personally contact to make arrangements to receive their copy of Marshall Plays Copy. Read Head Copywriting will deliver the four copies to each Strong Start program.

Can’t wait to see your submission! Be sure to visit our Facebook page regularly so you can see your photo next to all the Vernon Read Heads!






Writing Web Content? A Copywriter Offers Her Top Three Tips

SO, YOU’VE PAID heaps for brilliant Vernon website designers and developers to build you a beautiful site. And now they’re asking if you have a copywriter who’ll provide the content.

“The content?” you ask.

“Yeah. You know, the stuff that goes on your pages,” says the designer. She waits a moment to see if you’re following. Silence. She pipes up. “The words that explain everything. They go around the pictures.”

“Oh,” you say.

The designer then points you to some sites with great website copywriting, or content, for you to check out. And as you peruse the pages of other Kelowna websites, you think, Ah, I get it.  But do you?

A copywriter can provide website content that's clear, you-focused and uses SEO in a subtle way, like this text we wrote for Adiri.
A copywriter can provide website content that’s clear, you-focused and uses SEO in a subtle way, like this text we wrote for Adiri.

While it’s easy to spot great web copywriting, sometimes it can be hard to spell out exactly what makes it great. Great actually means engaging, easy to read, clear, convincing, succinct and full of benefits (not features) that make site visitors think, Wow, I want that, instead of, What? and then click back to the Google search page to see your competitor’s site.

So, our team of BC web copywriters has come up with a brief list of what makes website content good so you can boost site traffic and sales.

How do you write website content that sells? 

1.      It’s about the customer

Before you write a word, re-wire your brain so you’re in the mindset of your customer, not you, the business owner. All of your website content should consider the perspective of your site visitor. Think: Why are my products or services going to make your life better?

It’s also important to convey the benefits rather than the features in a concrete way so your customers clearly understand how product X or service Y will make their lives better.

Instead of:       This commercial development is in a super location.

Write:              In the heart of this city’s largest industrial park, you’re right next to your customers, suppliers and the highway to make doing business easy.

2.      It’s short and sweet

People don’t like reading online, and it doesn’t take much for text to be too dense and overwhelming to the eyes. A website page should really have a few paragraphs of text at the very most.

Think of your website as an introduction to your product or service, not the whole story. You want customers to call, email or visit you for more information so you can really win them over. Website copywriting, then, should focus on the highlights.

Introduce your product or service and then use bullet points to help you think of the top three advantages of a product or service.

3.      It employs SEO, but sparingly

Don’t slap your readers in the face with keywords such as ‘furniture Kelowna,’ ‘Kelowna furniture,’ ‘furniture in Kelowna,’ etc. You’ll peeve readers and Google, and your keyword-dropping could backfire.

If you know what your keywords are, fabulous. You’re already ahead of many small business owners. The trick now is to use them in a natural, subtle way and never at more than a 1 per cent ratio (one keyword for every 300 words of copy is about right). Anything more looks too obvious and it’ll turn off customers.

The place to use your keywords a little more aggressively is in your blog posts. You can think of your website as the hot little hostess in a black dress, and your blog as the sweaty chef in the back doing all the hard work.

Want to learn more about the benefits of stellar site content? Check out our post Site content is your real sales team.

Are you looking for a professional copywriter in Kelowna to write website content that will impress and attract customers? Contact Read Head Copywriting principal Natalie Appleton, one of the leading copywriters in BC.



PRWeb Press Releases: One of the Top Copywriting Services Available

No matter what your message is, using our professional copywriting services will make sure it's told effectively for the PR Web audience.
No matter what your message is, using our professional copywriting services will make sure it’s told effectively and optimized for PR Web.

IS THERE A SHORTCUT? Business owners are always asking those who provide copywriting services about a faster, easier way to boost site traffic and foot traffic.

At Read Head Copywriting, we have an answer: Yes. Yes, there is a way for thousands of customers to find you and for thousands of journalists to find you. It’s called

To give your business publicity with legs, distributes press releases to newsrooms around the world and, even better, it hosts your press release online.

People find your business

That means any time someone searches for your business online, the press release— subtly laced with your SEO keywords (Kelowna shoes, for example)—is apt to appear on the first page. That means a boost in your Google search engine rankings and a boost in clicks to your site.

Take a look at the press release our copywriting services company wrote for Heartland Millworks as a contractor for Twin Creek Media.  The same version was sent and  picked up (verbatim) by two Kelowna newspapers, Okanagan Home magazine and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Plus, its life on has translated to a huge boost in site traffic because of the online exposure using keywords and links.

Heartland release screen shotYou reap the rewards as long as the Internet is alive

If a business were to buy that kind of coverage, it would cost well over $1,000. And those ads would have run for one day. This living, online press release will continue generating site traffic and calls for months, maybe even years.

This living, online press release will continue generating site traffic and calls for months, maybe even years.

A professional writer makes it all happen

You’ve got a totem pole of a to-do list. But you want to take advantage of this brilliant way to get exposure and increase sales.

People like us who provide copywriting services make it easy. We’ll call you, write the press release and post it to Within hours, your phone will probably be ringing, and it might not stop for a while.

The return on your investment is incredible, affordable and measurable. What are you waiting for?

Looking for professional copywriting services to help you boost site traffic and sales by writing your press release? Read Head Copywriting crafts press releases as well as website content, blogs and more to help you engage customers and reach your sales goals.

Photo courtesy: gratisography

Blogging for Twin Creek Media

typewriter_blogginWondering how to woo Google with YouTube or use Pinterest and blogging to boost business?

Read Head Copywriting principal Natalie Appleton blogs about trends in marketing, website design, social media and SEO for our friends at Twin Creek Media in Kelowna. Follow their posts to stay on top of the latest tools to boost site traffic and sales.

Are you looking to incorporate compelling, informative writing into your website content? Read Head Copywriting provides online marketing services that’ll boost your site traffic and sales while engaging your customer base. Some of our services include blogging, press releases, content strategy and website content. Call or email principal Natalie Appleton to learn how Read Head can help your business gain exposure.

Vernon businesses making a mark with their marketing savvy

(Credit: Morten Byskov) Vernon BC is home to a bustling downtown and dozens of entrepreneurs and organizations succeeding on the heels of social networking.


THEY SAY IT TAKES a while for technology and trends to catch on in small towns. Here in Vernon, BC, however, small business owners and staff at non-profit organizations aren’t just using the latest social media tools, they’re mastering them.

The return?

A boost to sales and site traffic. More hits, links and leads. The list goes on…It isn’t easy for entrepreneurs to spend time posting blogs, filming YouTube videos, Tweets each morning and pasting photos on Facebook. But there’s a payoff. A big payoff.

Here is a list of some of the Vernon businesses we admire for their marketing savvy (and none of them are even clients!):

1. Healthy Spot Pet Nutrition. Healthy Spot tops the list with their winning website — filled with features like a dog park map, lost and found pet posts, pet of the week pics and animal fundraising links. They’re all innovative ways to engage the customer and build a community. Healthy Spot also sends out e-newsletters with specials and Tweets with deals. The most impressive part? All of it really feels less like self-serving gimmicks and more like a genuine effort help your pets be healthy and happy.

2. Briteland. This home and garden product warehouse in the heart of downtown Vernon is doing it all: regular blogs, instructional videos on YouTube, Facebook updates, even Tweets about how to be kind to our feathered friends. We especially like their blog–short and sweet, filled with images and helpful tips.

3. The North Okanagan Hospice House Society. Their site is as lovely as it is user-friendly, with links to donate online and updates about fundraisers. The NOHS Facebook page keeps the community and hospice families aware of upcoming events and material to plan for end-of-life care.

4. Predator Ridge. Their ads in Morning Star are always eye-catching and often witty. They Tweet about golf specials and tournament winners. They host contests such as this summer’s best Okanagan fruit recipe. Predator Ridge is always building its brand and reputation with Vernonites through engaging marketing tools.

5. Jessica Nicole Studio. On Facebook, 25th Ave salon owner Jessica puts up posts about client’s questions, hairstyle trends, discounts, and before and after photos. Her site is like visiting the salon all over again!

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