AFTER WORKING AS A JOURNALIST for more than a decade, Natalie Appleton founded Read Head Copywriting in 2012 so she could help entrepreneurs transfer their enthusiasm and expertise to the page.

Over the years, we’ve had the chance to work with organizations ranging from national retailers to local non-profits and government to start-ups. What all of our clients have in common is the need to share their story, and have it told exceptionally well.

What separates us from other copywriters is our deep understanding of–and passion for–the art of storytelling. We’re all former journalists trained to explain even the most complex ideas in ways that are engaging and easy to understand. We’re also skilled in the science of SEO, so all of our digital writing does double duty to tell Google what the page is about so the engine can serve up your site in searches. That’s good news for site traffic and sales.

Read Head Copywriting is located in a charming heritage building in downtown Vernon, BC. From here, our team of four copywriters serves clients from across the Okanagan, Canada and beyond.

So, what can we do for your brand? REACH OUT!