Dr. Cori Cooper

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I got the call from Dr. Cori Cooper out of the blue. In fact, she might have been looking for the other copywriter that’s also a read head, the American one.

Dr. Cori Cooper is a board-certified pharmacist turned wellness coach and creator of the Sugar Savvy program. She needed website content that would:

When she gave me a list of her peers whose style of website she was hoping to emanate in some way, as a copywriter, I was fascinated. Here was a group of wellness professionals and websites that weren’t afraid of words! Here, business owners and website designers will often say, “But we don’t want a lot of text.” Because they think a lot of writing makes a page dense. These gals were embracing text as a way to connect with their audience, relay their own experiences and tap into their readers’ emotions.

So, in addition to helping her plan the architecture of her new site and create all the content, I was overjoyed to have the chance to write one my longest ‘About’ pages ever (I couldn’t capture it all in a single screen shot ;). And it works. Because it’s not just about Dr. Cori Cooper, it’s about you.

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