Blogging for Twin Creek Media

Posted January 22, 2013

Wondering how to woo Google with YouTube or use Pinterest and blogging to boost business? Read Head Copywriting principal Natalie Appleton blogs about trends in marketing, website design, social media and SEO for our friends at Twin Creek Media in Kelowna. Follow their posts to stay on top of the latest tools to boost site […]

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Vernon businesses making a mark with their marketing savvy

Posted October 24, 2012

  THEY SAY IT TAKES a while for technology and trends to catch on in small towns. Here in Vernon, BC, however, small business owners and staff at non-profit organizations aren’t just using the latest social media tools, they’re mastering them. The return? A boost to sales and site traffic. More hits, links and leads. […]

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Why Hire a Professional Copywriter? – Read Head Copywriting

Posted September 20, 2012

“IT’S JUST LIKE WHAT I SAID, BUT BETTER,” said a friend who recently asked us to revise a sales letter she was sending to prospective clients. “Exactly,” I said. That’s what a professional copywriter does – she sculpts, trims and massages your message until it’s perfect. Now it’s clear and convincing. Of course, as a […]

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Website content is your real sales team

Posted September 7, 2012

SOME COPYWRITERS SAY design and technology – blinking pictures and rotating ads – should take a backseat to website content. I don’t agree. An attractive website is key. Visitors see a site that’s professional-looking and easy to navigate, and they think, “OK. This business is legit.” But the content—the words, the information—is just as important. […]

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Your blog, your bar: Turning social media into happy hour

Posted August 31, 2012

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s not even about your business. What is social media about, then? It’s about your customers or your clients. It’s about engaging them, educating them, leading them, feeding them, and fawning over them. Really? Yes. Your primary goal in using social media shouldn’t be just to increase traffic to your site. Because […]

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Pump up the volume: How to make your website stand out

Posted August 16, 2012

THE INTERNET IS A NOISY, CLUTTERED PLACE. Ads pop up, play, and flash in your face almost constantly. Some websites feel a little like Vegas, and it’s all people can do not to run for the airport or an eyepatch and tune it all out. More and more website viewers are sick of being sucker-punched […]

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Read Head Copywriting is taking care of businesses this summer

Posted August 3, 2012

We’ve got some amazing samples of recent work to show you. We wrote a script for a Simply Delicious commercial; almost 300 course descriptions for Okanagan College’s new Continuing Studies brochure, a press release and web content for East Hill Inn, blogs and web content for North Okanagan Investigations, and more…. Our wizard of a web guy […]

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