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Why Hire a Professional Copywriter? – Read Head Copywriting

Posted September 20, 2012

“IT’S JUST LIKE WHAT I SAID, BUT BETTER,” said a friend who recently asked us to revise a sales letter she was sending to prospective clients. “Exactly,” I said. That’s what a professional copywriter does – she sculpts, trims and massages your message until it’s perfect. Now it’s clear and convincing. Of course, as a […]

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Website content is your real sales team

Posted September 7, 2012

SOME COPYWRITERS SAY design and technology – blinking pictures and rotating ads – should take a backseat to website content. I don’t agree. An attractive website is key. Visitors see a site that’s professional-looking and easy to navigate, and they think, “OK. This business is legit.” But the content—the words, the information—is just as important. […]

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