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What is ‘inbound marketing’ anyway?

Posted July 31, 2012

OUTBOUND IS OUT, INBOUND IS IN. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, SEO, —they’re all what we call ‘inbound marketing tools’ because they draw customers in. Think of them as magnets, reeling in customers who are already online and looking for what you’re selling. Outbound marketing tools, such as telemarketing, trade shows and direct mail letters, push a […]

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Wingmans, Muses and Money: Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

Posted July 25, 2012

      Blog. Like a lot of small business owners, blogging has probably been on your to-do list for a while, but because you’re busy helping customers, training staff, filling orders and maybe even managing to eat lunch here and there, you haven’t been able to get around to it. Well, now is the […]

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